Commission On Compassion is a ministry of Biblical Ministries Worldwide that was established in 1976 in Los Angeles as an apartment complex for the independent living of deaf-blind.  In 1985 the deaf ministry of Calvary Bible Church in Burbank moved to the property of COC and became known as Grace Bible Church for the Deaf.  Later as a ministry of Biblical Ministries Worldwide it became Grace Bible Deaf Church.  The church is focused on meeting the spiritual needs of the deaf and deaf-blind in the Los Angeles area.

COC seeks to provide an environment where the deaf-blind feel safe in their homes and are surrounded by neighbors that understand and can communicate with them.  We have a staff that live on site to care for the apartments and as neighbors are able to assist the deaf-blind as needed.  We are located in the northeast area of Los Angeles, and there is easy access for those that  provide the transportation needs of the deaf-blind.   We are located on 1 1/3 acre of property that has 24 resident apartments, 7 staff apartments, 2 guest apartments, 1 office, 2 laundry rooms, an exercise room, a common room, a dining room and a worship center.


For resident apartments we only accept applications from legally deaf-blind individuals. To apply, please fill out an application.  After the application has been reviewed an interview will be scheduled with a COC staff member at the potential residents current living situation.  The staff team will then evaluate the application to decide if the individual is eligible for an apartment.  If the application is accepted the next step would be to move into the next available apartment.